Process support


Customers looking for support with certain applications are in competent hands with us. Because we have experience from more than 10,000 project and can offer exceptional know-how transfer. And if you want, our support stretches from beginning to end:

  1. requirements specification
  2. consultancy/analysis
  3. sampling
  4. testing & trialling
  5. prototype phase
  6. series production/series
  7. environment/recycling

Everything always starts with the process objective: Your end product. We will ask before sampling: Is the use of standard electrolyte reasonable here? Or would special products achieve a better result? The parameters we’re interested in also include the working environment. Especially the plant and equipment on-site. Is it fitted with filter pumps, heating, air injection, extraction? What about container material? Anodes, racks, drums? This information is vital for determining the quality of electrolyte exchange. Employee training is also often a key factor for the selection of a certain process. And finally, we will clarify the layering sequence or aftercare steps. Process parameters are equally in good hands with us, and we advise on you on the time and power required to apply a certain layer.